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Tue Apr 7, 2020
More specific details on my mask design pattern. When sewing, I did sew at 3/16" from the edge. To make the mask smaller, just sew 1/4" or 5/16"from the edge. The ribbon goes through the split ring, then open the ring with your fingernail and slide in the ribbon. This provides a good adjustment and tension. When sewing the nose area where the stuffing will go for the little pillows don't sew to the end so that there's an open section for you to insert the stuffing. don't add any stuffing where it crosses the bridge of your nose in the middle so you'll have about three quarters of an inch in the center with no stuffing. #covidmask

Sun Apr 5, 2020
Pattern for my mask design #covidmask

Sat Apr 4, 2020
Of course I had to reinvent the wheel. I kept seeing everybody with these masks that don't seal or don't stay on, so didn't make sense to me to keep making those same masks. I'm using flannel fabric which does a better job of filtering. One tether at each ear holds it very securely and it does not move or slide at all when you're talking or breathing. I even added a little tiny pillow under each eye between the nose and the cheek to fill that space so no air can come and go. #covidmasksewing #covidmask

Sat Mar 7, 2020
L5-S1 vertebra fusion. No fun. 4 bolts, 2 metal bars, and a cage to replace the disc.... Two 4" vertical cuts. Done at the Tucson VA hospital on the 5th. Pretty challenging to do most anything...

Mon Jan 6, 2020
Awesome flight tonight! #poweredparagliding

Wed Dec 18, 2019
Nothing like baking a vegetarian chocolate crust pumpkin pie instead of doing actual work! While parked on the beach in Mexico of course. #plantbaseddiet

Wed Nov 20, 2019
Finally made it to Mexico this year! 74 degrees and beautiful on the ocean. I've decided to try to do a 100% plant based diet... although I wasn't eating much meat and dairy before now. So far so good! #countrycoach #fulltimerv #plantbaseddiet

Fri Nov 8, 2019
Just parked for a week of boondocking on BLM land near Sonoita, AZ. Awesome views, mild temps forecasted. #countrycoach #fulltimerv

Wed Oct 2, 2019
Monkey was sleeping on my clothes and wouldn't give me my shorts when I wanted to get dressed.

Sat Sep 14, 2019
No more towing around my garden. Too frequent damage to the water tank under the trailer... I grew weary of repairing it. For now it will live at my friend Gary's house in Arizona. Not sure if it will have a garden installed or not. But at least for now it's all setup and ready for use.

Fri Aug 2, 2019
Bought some new business cards since I'm attending the Patriot Boot Camp in Lehi, UT this month. I haven't bothered with cards in like 10 years. #patriotbootcamp

Thu Jul 4, 2019
Beautiful but hot here at Rockhound State Park, NM. #countrycoach #blacksoldierfly #fulltimerv