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Fri Aug 2, 2019
Bought some new business cards since I'm attending the Patriot Boot Camp in Lehi, UT this month. I haven't bothered with cards in like 10 years. #patriotbootcamp

Thu Jul 4, 2019
Beautiful but hot here at Rockhound State Park, NM. #countrycoach #blacksoldierfly #fulltimerv

Wed Apr 24, 2019
12 weeks after starting from seed, I've been harvesting lettuce and kale, tomatoes and zucchini have set, and carrots are big enough. But, it's time to return to the USA, so they all have to come out, then I'll start over. I think I'll transplant some nursery bought plants to get a jumpstart on harvesting during my summer travels. #blacksoldierfly #fulltimerv #kinobay #bsfhydro

Sat Apr 20, 2019
This was the highest I've been in a long time. My version baked is being easily over a half mile up. My GPS later indicated I had been to a max altitude of 65,432 ft. However I'm fairly confident I did not actually go into outer space. (Maybe my GPS was baked) The second pic is of the packed beach, since it's Semana Santa currently. This is the one time of the year here that it gets super busy here. Always great here in Kino #paramotor #kinobay #fulltimerv #digitalnomad

Sat Mar 16, 2019
My RV and car, you can see the red Honda. Nice sunset flight tonight and the second pic is kiting the paraglider after landing with the moon in the background. #fulltimerv #paramotor

Fri Mar 15, 2019
Home sweet home until?? Back in San Carlos boondocking, windshield looking out over the dune into the ocean. #fulltimerv

Wed Mar 6, 2019
So I have vegetable plants 5 weeks after putting in seeds. Carrots, green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, red and green leaf lettuce, arugula, onions, kale... normally by this time of the year everything would be in full production mode but I've gone back to Arizona three times so haven't been able to start plants till now. Although I have been able to keep the black soldier flies going and fed just making concentrated nutrient water in the meantime. #fulltimerv #blacksoldierfly

Wed Jan 30, 2019
Flying the friendly skies, back in Kino. #paramotor

Tue Jan 15, 2019
On dolphin patrol

Sat Jan 12, 2019
Flying with a whale that happened by. Another first for me. He/she was around 20' long, and was just cruising through shallow shore waters.

Sat Jan 12, 2019
Look Ma, flying at 30,000 feet! Ok, so not really. Was foggy this morning, nice flight but not able to see very much of the ground. #paramotor

Thu Jan 10, 2019
First flight here in Huatabampo. I flew over a pod of dolphins for a long time and was able to watch as they swim upside down using sonar to find fish in the sand and then they would swirl around until the fish came out and then make them breakfast. Sadly while it's plainly visible in the videos the photos didn't do justice so I didn't bother. Also here is a picture flying over the estuary immediately adjacent. This area is particularly flat with no hills or mountains at all, making for really predictable and flyable winds. #paramotor