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Tue Jan 15, 2019
On dolphin patrol

Sat Jan 12, 2019
Flying with a whale that happened by. Another first for me. He/she was around 20' long, and was just cruising through shallow shore waters.

Sat Jan 12, 2019
Look Ma, flying at 30,000 feet! Ok, so not really. Was foggy this morning, nice flight but not able to see very much of the ground.

Thu Jan 10, 2019
First flight here in Huatabampo. I flew over a pod of dolphins for a long time and was able to watch as they swim upside down using sonar to find fish in the sand and then they would swirl around until the fish came out and then make them breakfast. Sadly while it's plainly visible in the videos the photos didn't do justice so I didn't bother. Also here is a picture flying over the estuary immediately adjacent. This area is particularly flat with no hills or mountains at all, making for really predictable and flyable winds.

Tue Jan 8, 2019
At the new location... Not nearly so pretty as the last place in San Carlos but will be super quiet and low key here.

Mon Jan 7, 2019
While out on the stand up paddle board this morning a school of yellowtail amberjack swam up underneath me and circled me for a good 15 minutes. They were all probably 5 to 7 lb fish, surely at least a thousand. Not sure why they were interested in me other than I have on my fluorescent yellow long sleeve shirt which is actually about the same color as their tail. Fun.

Sat Jan 5, 2019
Little stingray and some little fish in there which seem to be hard to see in the photo from snorkeling. Also went on a nice flight but pictures are too similar to yesterday.

Fri Jan 4, 2019
Wow, after really insane winds last night beautiful morning for a flight and wow was it worth it. Now off to SUP with Lucy.

Thu Jan 3, 2019
San Carlos, Dec 30, 2018. Shortish flight, pretty city by the sea.

Thu Jan 3, 2019
Lucy and I out for a paddle, nice parking spot eh?

Tue Jan 1, 2019
At the El Mirador overlook at sunset 12/31/18.

Tue Jan 1, 2019
New boondocking spot on the beach. The beach/cove I'm overlooking will make excellent snorkeling, SUP and flying.